I wish all YouTube teachers could be like Cynthia Lin.

I’ve been turning to YouTube more and more over the last several years. You can find some pretty fantastic instruction on there. I’ve learned everything from grouting floor tile to various types of whip cracks. The problem, though, is that it’ll generally take a lot of time and effort to sort through the bad stuff to find the gold.

And even when you find the gold, the gold can still be off-putting. I’ve found that the majority of the decent instructional videos come in one of two flavors:

  1. The over-explainers, who begin to show you how to do something but then stop for ten minutes of excessively in-depth information covering every detail of every aspect of even the slightest movements, including extended background and tangential information, or
  2. The overly-enthusiastic or irritatingly quirky folks who provide bits of good information in between extended periods of showboating, goofing around, or other silliness.

Now, like I said, both those types can provide plenty of good information. However, I can be a bit impatient with these things. I understand why these two types exist, but when I watch a how-to video and want to learn something, I only care about the useful stuff.

Which brings me to Cynthia Lin.

Not too long ago I decided to learn to play the ukulele. I picked up a nice, inexpensive little soprano ukulele as a starter.

Hello, beautiful.

I spent a few days checking out all kinds of ukulele instruction on YouTube while waiting for the thing to be delivered. Sure enough, most of the uke teachers I checked out were either rambling over-explainers or excessively quirky.

But then I found Cynthia Lin’s page and, to be quite honest, she was one of the best teachers I’ve ever seen on YouTube. She’s a talented player and singer. She has a set of six beginner videos, the first of which explains the basics of how to play, with each subsequent lesson building onto that with more chords and strums. Most importantly, the information provided is all quite useful.

She also has a very friendly, encouraging, soothing personality. She’s like the Bob Ross of YouTube ukulele instruction.

Anyway, this is just a quick post that I thought I should write because I’m just really impressed here. Check her YouTube page if you’re interested in learning the ukulele. Or if you just want to listen, she has a pretty great album, too.


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