Hi there.

A little bit about me: I’m Jeff, I’m in far northeastern Illinois, I’m in my 30s, and I’m single. I’m fairly geeky, I love exercising but also eating incredibly unhealthy foods, and I am bored to tears by sports.

A little bit about the URL: A year or two into my last job, I was transferred to a brand new department. The people in this new department had been brought in from different parts of the company. Since many of us didn’t know each other, the managers decided we should make construction-paper flowers to hang on a common wall, and on each petal of the flower we could write one fact about ourself. I couldn’t think of enough interesting things to say about myself to fill all of my flower’s petals, so I scribbled “I am the King of Awesome” on one. I’ve been calling myself that ever since. Why? BECAUSE I CAN, that’s why. So, there’s the URL. thekingofawesome.wordpress.com.

A little bit about what I’m doing: I have no idea. I’ve tried blogging in the past. Many years ago I had, for a short while, a livejournal which is now lost to the ages. Later I tried Tumblr, which has long since been deleted. I was worried about being interesting and popular, but realized I live such an incredibly boring life that this would be hard to do. Luckily I’m at the age where I no longer care about things like being interesting or popular. Yay me! At this point I just feel like writing about the random nonsense that pops into my head. I’m curious if anyone out there is actually interested, but not really concerned if no one is. I’ll write another post specifically about writing stuff. Stay tuned! Or not. Whatever.

A little bit about what you can expect: I dunno. We’ll find out together! There’ll probably be a lot of posts focusing on entertainment, pop culture nostalgia, possibly grumping about the state of the world, a lot of posts with WAY too much information about my problems, and I’m hoping to do some occasional fiction/short story type posts, too. I may even dredge up some old stories from my computer and post one soon! Maybe I’ll even revive something I used to do for ReadJunk, like a decade or more ago – Totally Awesome Fanfics – wherein I got silly and made fun of the really bad side of fanfics. (I just checked: they’re still online! I personally recommend Indiana Jones and the Evil Red Monkey Thing, Super Mario Bros: The Ghost Hunters, and The Greatest Star Trek Fanfic Ever (warning: contains phaserizing AND asmiling!)

Okay, well, see you next time.



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